Book 6- Feillor: God of Lammas

Book 6 of the Sons of Herne series
July, 2016

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Trapped in the last place he wanted to be, he will find the love he never expected...

Feillor is preparing to bring in the first harvest before the celebration of Lammas, a task that has grown more deplorable considering humans no longer demonstrate the least bit of respect for the old ways. He raises his scythe to cut the sacred wheat and nearly "harvests" a woman who appears out of nowhere. Sensing the Fates' meddling hand in her sudden arrival, he demands that they return Salina to earth. The Fates agree on one condition: he must go with her and stay in the mortal realm for three days.

Salina has no intention of letting a local developer destroy the precious woods where she conducts her most sacred pagan rituals. Her prayer for guidance is interrupted when she is taken to the immortal world--and almost straight into the blade of a horned god's scythe. She thought her prayers to Herne were being answered, but she learns that Feillor is actually Herne's son--and that he has little interest in the matters of humans. When he is zapped to Earth with her for three days, she decides to convince him that her cause is worth fighting for--and that not all humans deserve his scorn.

Feillor discovers much in his time with Salina, whose fiery beauty and passion for her cause--as well as challenging his ideals--stirs something in him that he hadn't felt for far too long. Admitting the truth about his view on humans could open his heart to the witch who is quickly enchanting him. But between danger she finds herself in and the Fates returning him to his realm at the exact wrong moment, his epiphany alone won't be enough to see her in his arms at last.